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Government Transportation Financial Statistics (GTFS)

Edition Updates : 

To help make sense of the maps, charts, and tables below, this edition of GTFS also offers 3 different articles —complete with Visualizations and Descriptive Information:

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The government plays an important role in the U.S. transportation system, as a provider of transportation infrastructure and as an administrator and regulator of the system. The government spends a large amount of funds on building, rehabilitating, maintaining, operating, and administering the infrastructure system. Government revenue generated from several sources including user fees, taxes from transportation and non-transportation-related activities, borrowing, and grants from federal, state, and local governments primarily supports these activites.

Government Transportation Financial Statistics (GTFS) provides a set of maps, charts, and tables with information on transportation-related revenue and expenditures for all levels of government, including federal, state, and local, and for all modes of transportation. 

BTS is in the process of reviewing and revising 2017 railroad and transit expenditures to account for new budget line items. All effected tables will be updated shortly.

    Related tables can be found in National Transportation Statistics, Section 3.D - Government Finance.